Wirral Credit Union can only provide loans to our members. If you would like to become a member click here to join online. When Can I get a loan? The...

Payroll Deduction

Making a regular savings contribution directly from your salary is the most efficient way of saving with Wirral Credit Union. Recent research has shown that companies who offer payroll deduction...


When you become a member of Wirral Credit Union we encourage you to save regularly. In fact, it is one of our fundamental principles. Adult Members must make regular contributions...

Join Online

To join Wirral Credit Union you can download and print a copy of the membership application form or Join Online. You have to live and / or work in a...

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Recommend Wirral CU

I find the Credit Union very helpful with my finances & budgets. The staff there are always helpful and I would recommend Wirral CU to any of my contacts.


Great Organisation

This organisation has been a great help in securing my car insurance and holidays by allowing me to save easily. Wonderful!